• Squid Game

    Squid Game


    This show stinks. Poorly stole a lot from japanese survival stories. I could already predict what all this is about after the first episode(rich people’s entertainment?.. Even then, the game is way too simple and snoozy. who pays for this lol) Overall the story is dull with tasteless art direction, misogynistic language, unnatural performance from lee jung jae and boring characters... And the most unbearable part was that the protagonist is a gamble addict loser who steals money from his…

  • Mouchette



    In the scene when Arsene has seizures, Mouchette is shot from a low angle and shows a strong image unlike before, but Arsene, lying under Mouchette's knee, is projected from a high angle and looks very weak. These two figures look like a Pieta statue. The director worships Mouchette by turning her into a pure saint who looks down on sinful men. In his view, she was born as a saint, but became disillusioned with the world by becoming a whore in a sinful world. It is ironic that a middle-aged man would sexualize a young woman in this way.

  • Clockwatchers



    Parker posey forev

  • Senso



    과장되고 장황한 배우들의 연기와 대사로 채워진 덧없는 이야기. 다 보고 나면 아름다운 장면들 외에는 딱히 남는게 없다. 아무래도 통속적인 불륜이야기다보니 줄거리가 예상그대로 흘러가 딱히 흥미롭지도 않았고 오페라로 시작하는 첫부분이나 아름다운 영상이 영화의 지루함을 보완해주지 못했다. 영화속 의상과 건물, 마을의 모습은 그 시대를 잘 반영하는듯 하다.