To All the Boys: Always and Forever

To All the Boys: Always and Forever ★★★½

a definitive improvement over PS I Still Love You, and a solid final film in the trilogy. still not quite as good as the first one, though.

the second movie was all about Lara Jean and her relationship with Peter and then the subplot was some sort of love triangle with John Ambrose, and that sort of just consumed Lara Jean's character, whereas this movie actually gave her.... a character again! she actually had goals and was future oriented rather than all about her relationship. its a romance so it played a factor, but she ultimately learned to be concerned about what she wants to do and i love that. she also thought about her family (her sisters especially) and friends as well, she just overall felt more well rounded in this one compared to PS ISLY, and i appreciate that, especially considering Lana Condor is so likable and talented at what she does

you'd think my criticisms would imply that i don't like the love story with Lara Jean and Peter, but i actually liked them in this movie, especially more than i did in PS ISLY. they have their cute moments, Noah Centineo does what he has to do as Peter i'll give him that

problems with this movie :
i could've done without some subplots and unnecessary scenes. i will not elaborate at this time, i feel like every Netflix teen movie has that issue. this movie had a lot of... scenes, especially in the first half. BUT if they were going to give every single character a subplot (which they basically did), i take issue with Lucas being the only one who got NOTHING to do in this movie. why is he the only character that doesn't get a subplot? for the third movie in a row, too, by the way. i take issue with this

i also did not care for the soundtrack very much. it was notably questionable in the NYC scenes and that portion of the movie, but even in the end like... i just did not enjoy the song choices i do not know what to tell you. i guess that's a me problem. i can appreciate a corny indie pop centric movie vibe, but did it need to be every other scene for a 45 minutes straight?

anyways i liked how this movie ended up. without spoiling anything, i think this was a good ending note for the series. there were way worse alternatives it could've gone down. a net positive! yay!

edit : shoutout to Janel Parrish, she is always amazing

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