Loki ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

i still know next to nothing about Loki or his powers, but this was a concept driven season and now that it's definitely getting a season 2 i will take it.

the finale had me so confused for a second because it was clearly setting up so many supporting characters future arcs in the MCU, and i was so confused how Loki was fitting into all of it and then it made sense that it was getting a season 2

the supporting cast kind of stole the show at times, especially Gugu Mbatha Raw consistently delivering performances in the second half, but Tom Hiddleston delivered as well, this was definitely the most he's had to work with in the MCU so far, and hopefully season 2 will give him even more to work with because i still feel like there's things to do with Loki that hasn't been done yet

anyways the concepts are generally more interesting than the typical MCU project, but not QUITE as ambitious as WandaVision... but the visuals were so pretty!!

ALSOOO in the finale when Emmy nominated actor Jonathan Majors showed up??? oh my jaw DROPPED

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