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  • Night of the Living Dead
  • Psycho

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  • Night of the Eagle


  • Creepshow


  • Frankenhooker


  • The House of the Devil


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  • Night of the Eagle

    Night of the Eagle

    This movie doesn't treat women too kindly because the movie's explains that women are illogical by nature and believe in witchcraft, superstitions, and so forth... That aside, a great watch especially the last five to ten minutes. I wonder if the main characters realized they left the cat inside the house during the fire? What terrible pet owners. Burn, kitty, burn!

  • Creepshow


    An anthology horror flick with a variety of stories to appeal to viewers, but an overall mixed bag with some good parts and some dull. My favorite and most memorable segment was the one with Leslie Nielsen playing a villain in a tracksuit. Also, props to Tom Savini for the great practical effects in this one.

Popular reviews

  • The Dentist

    The Dentist

    Director Brian Yuzna really developed his signature style by this point. I enjoyed the cheesy music, wide dutch angle shots, and extreme close up shots. The gore and torture scenes were a treat with plenty of teeth mutilation and destruction. Even the killer dentist had some weight to his character. He has obvious signs of obsessive compulsive disorder and narcissism, so when things in his work and especially his personal life goes eschew he goes mad! Sink your teeth into this outrageous 90's film!

  • Street Trash

    Street Trash

    I liked when the people melted into neon goo, but the rest of the film was bad. Terrible acting.