Malignant ★★★½

Notes on "Camp" by Susan Sontag. Ever heard of it?

How did James Wan get footage of my sleep paralysis? 

The Conjuring, what?
Billy the Puppet, who?
Step aside the Nun, here comes The Pixies “Where is My Mind.” How did we get blessed with getting this wild ass nonsense?

Hands over mouth the entire time either from shock, laughter, or both. Love letter to sleaze?

Filmmaker James Wan is one of the first names who comes to mind when thinking of a modern “horror master.” In saying that, I've never been particularly head over heels with his brand of movies. I would say I have more of a respect for the grind and especially with Malignant a respect for the gall. This is on par with my favorite Wan-asterpiece Dead Silence. Oh my God, I can't believe I Just admitted  that. 

I don't have a clue where to start with Malignant, so I won't. It's something you'll have to experience for yourself. If you think about it the story and twist are not the most original but what makes its payoff is the originality of presentation and technicality mixed with the unforgiving wackiness. Malignant is all over the place with frantic creativity having James Wan giving one unusual visual idea one right after the other. It's a movie that wants to give you that superficial rollercoaster ride or haunted house experience. It achieves that with cliches, jump scares, and most importantly stupid fun. A bad 1980’s horror movie made today. Only slightly doesn't feel like an actual movie. 

It's automatically okay because at least it is an original horror movie and not an existing franchise. Yet. Trying my best to think of how James Wan is going to turn this into another successful cinematic universe. “The Appliances” is all got. Or maybe we could do a backstory on all the different sterotyped prisoners ladies. Mullet broad. Disco arfo woman. Peeing prostitute. It writes itself.

Thank god everyone is a hoarder in this movie or there wouldn’t be a movie.

A little odd to try and be deep about trauma at the end. Although suppression is not healthy and usually leads to a sequel. Even a kooky horror movie can some how have something positive to take away like reclaiming your emotions and body. A postitve 2/5 because I'm a fan of Argento and Henelotter. 

く|)へ <~~James Wan
━━━━━┓ \\
┓┓┓┓┓┃ ヽ○ノ
┓┓┓┓┓┃ /      Me falling for
┓┓┓┓┓┃ ノ) <this schlock and bad wig 
No one else had Kriss Kross Jump playing in their head?
"it's wiggida wiggida wiggida wack"

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