I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot

Dang, the Russian mob has really lost it's touch if they can't even successfully get someone out of a nursing home or kill two people. 

Capitalism = bad
Rosamund Pike vaping = good

The film is so close to make you go along with Marla and the story. I understand that's not the point and we are made to not like her and what America (greed) stands for but nothing is earned in the dark comedy. The main character is predatoriness at it’s most sneering and a hypocritical mirror to capitalistic values. The audience is supposed to reflect on their own life and empathize that's she’s a strong lesbian female and ambitious and if you can’t beat them, join them attitude but I don't buy it. The film is too much in love with a main character that lacks any dimension or clever writing. I never said you have to like a character but at least have a character. I Care A Lot makes a lot of revelations on the system that end up smug, uninteresting, and discount.

We all deserve better female villains! Not a hollow love of greedy people and fake bad assness. 

Rosamund Pike in a strobe light spin class and Chris Messina in a pinstriped suit can't even save it for me. The ending almost did but I just don't care a lot.

The amazingly bland Amy...

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