Another Round

Another Round ★★★★★

[0 drinks-10 minutes in-BAC 0.00%]

 “This seems promising.”

[1 drink-23 minutes in-BAC 0.02%]

“Wow, I know exactly how this feels. Wait. Is someone reading my journal?”

[2 drinks-55 minutes in-BAC 0.05%]

“They totally nailed every side to alcohol. Or am I just tipsy and dumb. I haven't had this much fun while contemplating my life choices in a long time! I’ve seen that speed walking contest somewhere before. Wait this kind of has the feeling Cassavetes’s Husbands or is that just me?”

[5 drinks-116 minutes-BAC 0.12%]

“I think this movie was made for me. Where’s the nearest dance studio that teaches jazz ballet? And I think I’m in love with Mads Mikkelsen.”

[Drunk me says give everything five stars]

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