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  • The Father

    The Father


    This is like watching Tenet with dementia.

    The way in which the director has created and pulled this together is a masterstroke. I’ve watched this and Sound of Metal recently and the amount of empathy and general emotions they’ve created are on another level. Films have the power to teach you, without letting you go through hardships and none more so than these two films. 

    A beautifully crafted film, one in which you’re tragically stuck inside the mind of old man with dementia from start to finish. 

    I’ve no words to describe how good Anthony Hopkins is.

  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs


    Such a joyous, innocuous watch and fresh film. The Coachella Valley is the perfect backdrop with some great styling throughout the film. The wedding scenes are proper LOL moments but in particular the talk around spending time in ICU, suicide and bracing himself in the car...so funny, such dark humour. Dancing scenes were great too, so much energy, joy and truly “living in the moment” scenes.

    It plays into the dystopian fantasy of being able to reinvent yourself in a lawless…