Pig ★★★½

As someone that's never been a huge fan of Nicolas Cage, I didn't expect to enjoy his latest movie "Pig". Over the last decade, let's just say that the actor's career has hit a demonic decline due to his uncaged rage. I've always found the actor to be unbearably over-the-top, but never realized he had emotional range he showcases in "Pig". An ambitious, heartbreaking and riveting revenge thriller, it gives the movie-star his meatiest role in years. First-time filmmaker Michael Sarnoski showcases impressive control over production, story and music, crafting a memorable experience. At the center of it all is an Oscar-worthy performance from Cage, who proves he can shine without hogging spotlight. That being said, the film is poorly paced and blunted by a rushed ending. Nevertheless, it deserves to be seen for Cage. Here's why:

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