Mank ★★★½

Mank is honestly one of the best movies released this year and in the top 10 Netflix releases of all time.

Gary Oldman knocks it out of the park delivering one of my favourite performances ever. Amanda Seyfried and the rest of the supporting cast are also fantastic and really add the feels of 1930’s Hollywood.

The cinematography coupled with perfect lighting are definitely my favourite part about Mank. The black and white helps to capture the light and add an extra layer of finesse into an already good looking film.

My only problem with Mank is that the story leans too heavily on information about Citizen Kane. I didn’t know about the behind the scenes politics of Citizen Kane and Mank doesn’t really explain this very well either. This isn’t a big deal as it is supposed to be a stand-alone film but I feel like it would help if I had the prior knowledge. 

Mank becomes one of my favourite films of 2020 and once it’s on Netflix I’ll definitely  watch it again.

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