Don't Look in the Basement 2

Don't Look in the Basement 2 ★★

You know what's sort of cool about Tony Brownrigg? His dad directed the pretty awful Don't Look in the Basement. Rather than distance himself from it, Tony doubled down and made a sequel. That takes balls, and I respect that.

Ok, so it's not a "good" sequel, but it kept me entertained, and it's certainly better than the original.

The best part of this film? There's a basement. The first movie skimped on the whole basement thing. This film first mentions a basement about halfway through the movie, and we actually get to spend some time in the basement.

The film picks up 40 years after the original. The original asylum is open again. They readmit the one survivor of the original massacre and strange things start to happen again. They don't really explain why or anything, but the spirits of the dead patients begin to inhabit the bodies of the new patients and doctors. That's pretty much the movie. There's no explanation or anything. Or if there is, I don't understand it.

Minor spoiler though: There really is no reason not to look in the basement. There isn't much in the basement. But at least there's a basement. And sometimes, that's enough.

Ultimately, there's no reason to see this unless you've seen the first one, and there's really no reason to see the first one. But it's at least a little better. Baby steps.

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