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  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Magnolia
  • Brazil
  • The Thin Red Line

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  • Mad God

    Mad God



    Featuring the most hellish Rube Goldberg machine imaginable?

    This is one of those projects that I feel guilty for laying my instant-gratification-addicted eyes upon. I watched this at the end of a weekend-long food coma where my fitbit thought I was dead from inactivity, so to say the dichotomy between this celebration of freakish diligence and me was distinct would be an understatement. However, any signs of incompatibility vanished as soon as Mad God began. My stupor morphed into…

  • The Empty Man

    The Empty Man



    Outside of the fact that this is my ideal type of spiraling and aberrant horror, this is a wonderfully crafted experience. The long-ish runtime had me apprehensive, but there's an immediate rhythm and confidence the film is filtered through that puts all worries to rest. Sometimes it gets tangled in its own wordy web of lore and mystery, however the ride never falters on its intent to deliver an exhilarating sense of chaos.

    Also worth noting is that in…

Popular reviews

  • The Polar Express

    The Polar Express


    Everybody has that film they watch on Christmas Eve religiously (no pun intended). For some it's Home Alone. For others it's Die Hard. But whilst these films are beyond excellent, I always watch The Polar Express. I think I'm in the minority here when I say that The Polar Express is my favourite Christmas film. I find that it encapsulates the feeling and the spirit that exists at this time of year like no other movie. I really connected with…

  • Enemy



    It's difficult to articulate the skin-crawling, bone-chilling and spine-tingling aura of Denis Villeneuve's Enemy. In the full 90 minutes, we cross and recross the emotional spectrum all the while mesmerised by the films surreal tone and eeriness. Mystifying to all upon first inspection, the film was never intended for lethargic audiences. It was intended for the analytical and inquisitive who constantly and passionately congregate the clues in an attempt to solve the bamboozling riddle. I, myself, may not have unlocked…