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  • The Same People

    The Same People


    that feeling of being able to keep people in your life forever and being kept in return, no matter what, in whatever form that love may manifest in... hi, i'm crying

  • Little Women

    Little Women


    i watched with my parents and when jo gave her "i'm so lonely" speech, i felt so fucking seen and i wondered if my parents noticed

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  • Grand Gestures

    Grand Gestures


    another entry to the "pauwi si gio gahol na may dalang maleta" cinematic universe

  • John Denver Trending

    John Denver Trending


    Learned from the talkback earlier at Trinoma that there was no casting process for the kids. How the crew found Jansen Magpusao just from asking around for kids who are willing to act is literal kismet.

    The kid who played Carlos was also there during the talkback and he was so adorable and nervous huhu it was his first time going to Manila from Antique.

    Well-made film. Heavy but necessary.