harrison has written 16 reviews for films rated ★★½ during 2019.

  • Footloose



    forgot to log this — watched it the other night. 90% of the character decisions are dumb and the plot flows like someone trying to recount a movie that they haven’t seen...but Kevin Bacon really be moving that thing around 👀 🍑

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    J.J. Abrams said, “hmmm...MacGuffins or fan service??? why not both? and why not fill the movie with those things until nothing matters anymore?”

    J.J. Abrams said, “hmmmm...Reddit doesn’t like Kelly Marie Tran...let me take her out of the plot completely and then, also, let me ask Reddit to help with the screenplay”


    J.J. Abrams also said, “hmmmm...Babu Frik” (which was a GREAT decision)

  • Happy Death Day 2U

    Happy Death Day 2U


    Definitely preferred the first one. This script just felt so messy. Jessica Rothe is great tho!

  • The Squid and the Whale

    The Squid and the Whale


    I liked the way in which the story was told faaaaar more than the story itself. The characters are unlikable and cringy for good reasons, sure, but it’s not a very enjoyable watching experience when you don’t really like anyone in the cast (except Ivan...I love you, Ivan)

  • Aziz Ansari: Right Now

    Aziz Ansari: Right Now


    Was fully prepared to hate this but ended up feeling pretty indifferent. Some of his points seem valid, others hypocritical. Laughed out loud a few times. Was relatively annoyed at other times.

  • Jawline



    l have two joke tidbits and one actual review:

    1. Hell: The Movie
    2. I never thought I’d see the Tanacon Segway Boy again, but here we are.

    I think there are some fascinating ideas in here, but the doc skimmed past them. I wanna know more about the fangirls and why they’re fangirling. I wanna hear a take on why all influencers are rich kids that become successful because of their generational wealth. I don’t just wanna sit and watch this kid give cringy self-help advice for 2 hours.

  • Hard Candy

    Hard Candy


    I thought this was gonna be, like, Home Alone style fun. Except instead of burglars, it would be Patrick Wilson playing a pedophile, and instead of a small boy, it would be a small Ellen Page.

    (It was much more uncomfortable to sit through than anticipated)

  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake


    Ohhhhhh I get it. It’s like if you took a good movie, and just made it worse

  • Three Identical Strangers

    Three Identical Strangers


    This seemed kind of, bad??? The story itself is interesting, but the filmmaking feels disingenuous. The most interesting aspects are the ones that don’t get explored properly. The conclusions that the director ends with are rushed as hell. Also, *something* gets used as a plot twist,,,which should not get used as a plot twist in a documentary.

    That bleak, old, European woman was hilarious, though.

  • mid90s



    ...I do like Jonah, so I’m just gonna keep my opinions to myself on this one

  • Abducted in Plain Sight

    Abducted in Plain Sight


    Words can’t describe how stupid those two parents are. Truly unbelievable

  • Glass



    As someone who LOVES both Unbreakable and Split... 🤕
    + James McAvoy continues to amaze me
    + I love Anya Taylor-Joy
    + It makes me happy whenever weird movies do well financially
    - Shyamalan tried weaving SO many different stories/themes into one movie. Ended up feeling like nobody’s story got any justice
    - The entire force driving the plot, Paulson + the hospital, felt so clunky
    - Dunn’s ending
    - The structure of this seemed like 15 min for the beginning, 1 hour 45 min for the middle, and 5 min for the ending
    - Some really horrible dialogue in there
    - Dunn’s ending