• Good Will Hunting

    Good Will Hunting


    FIVE elliott smith needle drops. yes sirrrr

    i genuinely think watching this in high school made me a more well-adjusted young man than i would’ve been otherwise. thank you, robin williams for teaching me that it’s ok to have feelings AND laugh about farts

  • Thanksgiving



    so awesome. i desperately need an eli roth slasher-comedy about every holiday.

    i was cheering like my favorite player got the ball whenever addison rae was on screen

  • They Called Him Mostly Harmless

    They Called Him Mostly Harmless


    good lord, people make feature-length documentaries about some boring shit.

    christie, if you’re reading this, you are a loser

  • Can I Tell You a Secret?

    Can I Tell You a Secret?

    painfully boring two hours of british women saying things like “ye so this guy made a fake account and pretended to be me friend’s dad and he told that friend that we’ve been getting on, and i thought why ye doin this??”

    the unbelievably cheesy editing makes it even worse.

    also it’s so crazy that the judges over there wear those wigs 😭

  • She's All That

    She's All That


    hey 👋🚨 check out 👀🧐 the bobos 🍒😛 on superfreak 👩🏻‍🎤🙀

  • Lover, Stalker, Killer

    Lover, Stalker, Killer


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    pretty wild! this is kinda besides the point but it’s always a lil bit crazy to me when documentaries use people’s real life-suffering as twists within their movies. i get that it’s necessary for telling the story properly — but imagine being the mom, watching this back and seeing your dead daughter be talked about like a #StalkerLoverKiller for the first 45 min of this. she’s innocent! and dead! killed by the woman who was being talked about positively! that’d be horrible

  • The Greatest Night in Pop

    The Greatest Night in Pop


    soooooooooo sick. for context: i will admit that i am an absolute slut for this kind of thing. all-star games, award shows, etc — i love when big names interact with one another. i’m a sucker for it. and so, yes, i am a We Are the World head.

    regardless, this was still sooooo cool and honestly so cute!!!! seeing the most iconic musicians ever get nervous around each other but eventually hype each other up - it was lovely. specific mentions for stevie helping bob, bruce giving it everything when he had nothing left to give, and diana ross at the end 🩷🩷🩷

  • Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God

    Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God


    there’s an absolutely jaw-dropping 15 minute span in this where we watch the psychotic hippies stow away a literal corpse in a hotel room, take selfies w it, play guitar for it, etc. they were doing Weekend at Bernie’s bits with mother god ✌️

  • American Nightmare

    American Nightmare


    well-made, engaging, and the story is absolutely insane. fuck (a vast majority of) the police

  • Self Reliance

    Self Reliance


    cute! i’m a sucker for the “win money or die by playing this game” trope, and this was a nice addition to the catalog. anna kendrick was wonderful. also, there were a bunch of fun little jokes about technicalities in dialogue that i liked. i don’t remember an example tho 🩷

  • The Curse

    The Curse


    genuinely crazy that they gave him the money to make this — and i am extremely thankful that they did. fielder weaves together one of the most brilliant, uncomfortable, funny, complex seasons of television i’ve ever seen.

    the thing that i'm obsessing over right now after watching the finale is just how far he’s willing to bend the medium, with the concept of reality tv being the focal point of everything so far. from nathan to you, to the rehearsal,…

  • Bottoms



    uhhhhhhh … happy for everybody else that really enjoyed this 👍👍 … i have been a huge fan of rachel sennott for years and think she is usually great … ayo seems wonderful too and she was the only one holding this thing together  …  (i liked when she was hiding the funny objects in her bedroom) but uhh … ???? this did not feel like a movie. it was like a very extended SNL skit where stuff just kinda…