Scream ★★★★

shoutout to clumsiness: gotta be one of my favorite recurring ghostface killer characteristics.

i love these movies dearly. the original Scream is arguably my favorite movie ever made, and while Wes’ other 3 Scream films are definitely inferior to the original, i love all of those too. when i first watched all of the sequels, i judged them kinda harshly in comparison to the classic, but have since gone back and given them 4 stars each. i’m giving Scream (2022) 4 stars as well, but let me be clear, this is not a Wes Craven Scream movie.

just like the original franchise, it’s a horror movie that’s obsessed with horror movies (including the Scream franchise itself). just like the original franchise, it’s a great mix of fun meta-commentary and actual scary movie tropes…but it’s a pretty different feel overall.

i’d argue that while it has some of the goriest kills of the entire canon, it’s probably the least scary/suspenseful of the bunch. while it has plenty of lighthearted moments, it’s different than the legitimately oddball, goofy humor of what we’re used to with the Screams (except for David Arquette, he still knocks it out of the fucking park in this department). but here’s the thing, Scream (2022) isn’t trying to *be* the originals. seeing Scream stuff in something that isn’t exactly Scream was sort of hard for me to swallow for a little while during the movie, but by the end of it, i was happy with what they came up with.

there are two main things that they absolutely HAD to do a good job with (or else me and other members of the ~toxic fandom~ addressed in the movie would’ve been upset)…but they did these two things perfectly.

when it comes to the recognition of this being a requel and alllllllll the bits and pieces of storyline that needed to come together for that, the covering of plot holes, the classic Scream commentary of what the fuck is going on in the state of horror, and EVERYTHING else in this department — great job. i’m not one to CinemaSins a movie for minor plot holes but leaving details vague and/or not even addressed at all, in a god damn Scream requel, would’ve been hell. glad they put in the effort there.

and then i think the other thing that Wes would’ve loved to see is the attention to detail with a horror movie taking place in 2022. the pop culture references aren’t cringy whatsoever (shoutout to the A24 stan character). characters do simple, obvious things like use their flashlights on their phones if they’re going in a dark place. there’s a couple that talks about sharing their location. stuff like that. every reference to 4chan, or It Follows, or a piece of modern technology, felt natural. so good on the team for doing well with that too.

in conclusion — thanks for making another good Scream movie :) and david arquette academy award etc etc etc 🏆

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