Antichrist ★★★★

~ nobody knows what it means, but it’s provocative. it gets the people going ~

fascinated by this creepy ass dude, Lars. there are some of the most beautiful shots i’ve ever seen on film…contrasted by the most horrific images i’ve ever seen on film.

i think it’s fun for the reviews of a movie to either be people trying to put their own, wildly different perspectives on things, or for people to say that everything here was bullshit. both parties seem right in these circumstances.

for me personally, i took away some intriguing themes revolving around destruction, death, freedom, human relationships, gender roles, beauty, etc. i’m really curious about the motives and blame given to Willem’s character. but at the same time — i’m clueless! i’d love to hear what like, PTA would think of this or something. 

i know the meme about Lars is that he’s an incel that hates women but i think that would be too obvious. the filmmaking is so next level here that i think people are missing a lot by just seeing it as “woman bad”. idk!

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