Could One Imagine?

Could One Imagine? ★★★★½

This was just cute, and beautiful.

This is a short story about two young students that start to fall in love with each other and how their parents try to separate their relationship because of some past that they had between each other, while we also see the side story of their teacher who’s struggling to find love as a young adult woman. 

Man this was honestly beautiful. The acting of these kids was AMAZING and I really could say that you can really feel the love in this movie, they’re so cute together and the way that they start their story is so so cute and it’s impossible to not want them to be together. This characters are just iconic, they’re real and they have funny, sad, lovely cute moments. 
The premise sounds a little bit like something very common, and even I thought about that like, oh wow two youngsters being separated by their families, BUT I WAS SO WRONG, I don’t know how but the movie just works itself out and you can really believe the motifs that their families had, and you want them to fail, and to see these two together. The side story of the Teacher was very cute and cool to me because I think that they depict perfectly that time of our lives that we all will experience(at least you’re over 30) and everyone talks about that mid 20’s age where you just aren’t an adult but you’re not a teenager anymore and finding love gets crazy, because some people want to marry already or some just want nothing serious, while this character just want to have the whole experience of loving and feel loved. Also, it’s a movie that joins this two plots very well, as it’s simple, She’s their teacher and the two protagonists are her students. 

Finally. This is a super cute romance movie, and i’ll say it again, the love between these two is just so cute and I loved how it feels so real. Watch it, it’s on YouTube and it’s short!

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