Cart ★★★½

An exploitative supermarket chain plans to lay off its employees despite running contracts. The staff forms a union in order to negotiate but the company simply ignores them...
A movie to make you angry. Very angry. It's the David vs. Goliath scenario set in the real world and even though the movie states to have dramatized some events, CART plays out believably enough for me.
It's also a love letter to those single mothers who try to make ends meet, who work their asses off but remain 'nagging women' for those company big shots. Ultimately the women demand being treated as human beings, something which should be a given not only in a first world country like South Korea but everywhere in the world.
CART fits right in with movies like THE MEASURE OF A MAN and TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHT: important reminders of what is wrong in the world and a plea to keep humanity alive.

Make or Break Scene: Finale.

MVT: The movie's agenda.

Score: 7/ 10

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