Acrobats ★★★½

A man who lost his job wandering through Tokyo, an insecure convenience store clerk going on a first date and a choleric musician having a fight with a band member...
A glimpse at three troubled people in Tokyo who try to deal with their issues. Directed by Daniel Lavin who provides an outsider's perspective on Japanese society creates a very intimate exploration of the psyche of these lost souls: the camera stays very close to his characters and wanders around the city as they do. It's a minimalist approach as we don't spend much time with the characters, don't learn that much about them and in the end it remains just a glimpse with not much of a resolution. Still, I found ACROBATS quite compelling both as a portrayal of Tokyo and its people.

Make or Break Scene: The small moments when the characters encounter each other.

MVT: The intimacy.

Score: 7/ 10

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