Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

Everything Everywhere All at Once is an endlessly creative joy. If you have even the slightest chance of seeing this movie, do not waste any time: this is the best movie I've seen in years; it's an accessible, emotionally resonant masterpiece.

There are numerous remarkable qualities displayed in Everything Everywhere All at Once. Let's start with the writing: this film contains an infectiously inventive script. The characters are fleshed-out and nuanced: during multiple points, several roles were introduced to serve as a plot device or joke; I had no issue with their characterization being so flat, as the gags were admittedly hysterical, but these borderline-cartoonish characters received depth as time went on. Jamie Lee Curtis' character is undeniably ridiculous, but she serves a purpose beyond simply being funny. Her inclusion is necessary to reinforce larger themes: the writers never place her role in a box.

The attention to detail and pervasive humanism on display allow this film's themes to rise to spectacular heights. I never expected a movie with such absurdist comedy could be successfully emotional. The wide variety of settings complement one another spectacularly under Paul Rogers' immaculate editing. Despite having an unbelievably ambitious narrative, the film's pacing is pitch-perfect. The fight scenes are exhilarating, unique, and downright cathartic, but they're always rooted in strict cohesion. None of the gags ever got stale, and some of the reincorporation was simply genius.

Everything Everywhere All at Once showed me something new about using comedy as a tool: it introduced situations with absurd gags, expanded upon them, then used them as a tool to reinforce strong themes. This film got me emotionally invested through something as simple as two rocks and some text. The Daniels' filmmaking is versatile in its creativity, but it knows when to take itself seriously. This is an unapologetically sincere movie, and its characters are written with respect. Its themes of perception, family, depression, intergenerational relationships, and love are given immense care. Although the movie is goofy, I never got the sense it was condescending.

This movie is a film-lovers dream: the countless inventive uses of cinematography, sound design, editing, framing, and color make for a riveting experience. It's impossible to predict where the plot is going; although the narrative contains ideas reminiscent of films like The Matrix, it used these devices for unique ideas. Everything Everywhere All at Once was a delightful movie that I cannot wait to see again. If this is playing near you, please seek it out: I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to see something this unabashedly unique. Supporting movies like this is what keeps my love of filmmaking alive!

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