Gremlins ★★★★★

The perfect culmination of Joe Dante's cinematic efforts up to that point. From Piranha, The Howling and his work with Roger Corman, Dante was able to imbue this festive, family-friendly, comedy horror with the precise tone and aesthetic that makes Gremlins the modern classic it is today.

I mean... produced by Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall, written by Chris Columbus, scored by Jerry Goldsmith and featuring Dick Miller and Jackie Joseph? What a cacophony of unbridled awesome!

The visual effects are still impressive. From the creature design, models, maquettes, rear projection, makeups, puppetry and the same town set they used in Back to the Future, this film is a firm favourite. Not least for the fact Phoebe Cates was probably my first crush.

Realistically, I should be giving this four stars but the fact of the matter is, Gremlins was part of my childhood in a massive way. This film is magical in a way that is rarely seen any more.

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