Drácula ★★★★

I've been hearing for years how the Spanish language version of Dracula 1931 is the superior version and for the most part it absolutely is. From the lighting to the framing, the performances to the overtly seductive tones. The one thing it is missing, the one key component is Bela Lugosi.

Bless Carlos Villarías but he just doesn't have the magnetism and otherness that Lugosi imbued his Count with. Elsewhere, Lupita Tovar is a stone-cold knockout with a more overt transformation from virginal, wilting flower to sexually awoken woman. Plus, it may be sacrilege but Pablo Alvarez Rubio's Renfield does something rather different to Dwight Frye and I think I may actually prefer it.

While Tod Browning's version may still be the preferred choice, it is literally only for Lugosi and his iconic turn.

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