Three Colors: Red ★★★★★

Three Colors: Blue has a lot of blue in it. Three Colors: White has a lot of white in it. But Three Colors: Red is red. It fully embodies the color and everything that it means: love, anger, passion, betrayal, sweetness.

Another slow burner like Blue, but in the more straightforward, acessible style of White, this is truly both the summation and high point of the trilogy. This was Kieslowski's final film, and I couldn't think of a more impressive or worthier swan song than this. Especially one that's both retrospective and nostalgic yet hopeful and zealous.

As a standalone film it would have been an incredible watch, but it really should be seen as part of a whole, that is what it makes it so powerful and affecting. Seeing all the parallells, the little easter eggs and the callbacks really made this not just an emotional, engaging watch but an extremely satisfying one too.

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