The King of Comedy ★★★★½

This is a near-perfect film if you ask me, it might even be Scorcese's smartest and/or funniest.

With an absolute showstopper of a performance from De Niro (and a terrific supporting cast) you really start to believe this character, Rupert Pupkin and the world that he has created for himself. Even though Pupkin doesn't understand rules and limitations, is forceful and inappropriate, he is never cruel. And you genuinely root for his success, especially seeing his fantasies of guesting and hosting the talkshow.

The only thing that really keeps it from being 10/10 cinema is just personal preference for me. Some of the scenes, especially in the beginning, are just excruciatingly awkward to watch. Although that is exactly what makes it so great, and shows how terrific the script, acting and directing is, it made me have to pause and take a moment quite often. And that probably meant that I ruined the pacing and overall immersion a bit.

This definitely warrants a rewatch (or two) and I would be willing to bet that this gains that half star it so desperately deserves.

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