Taxi Driver ★★★★½

I'm not going to lie, halfway into Taxi Driver I was completely ready to cast this aside as another insanely popular, overrated and overhyped classic that I had somehow managed to avoid watching for a long time.

Sure, I wasn't going to deny the amazing jazz soundtrack, the beautiful mutedly colored cinematography, young De Niro's perfect performance or the overall eerie mood created by the grimy New York backdrop. But nothing about the story or the characters moved me or particularly intrigued med to see what all the fuss was about.

But then the other half started. And oh my god did it hit me harder than an angry cabbie driving at full speed. Maybe it's as soon as Jodie Foster had a proper scene, or really even when Travis starts his training montage/procures the guns but something in the tone just subtly shifty. Suddenly I saw a purpose, a motivation, actual thoughts and emotions playing behind Travis' eyes. Even the stuff from before started to make sense, and spin a web of character development.

The end was not at all unexpected but still mind-shattering in a way. So satisfying but also disgusting and discomforting at the same time? I still don't trust you if you relate too much to this film, but holy crap do I undertand the fascination with this.

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