Synecdoche, New York ★★★★½

I feel like trying to explain or somehow analyze this film in a somewhat objective manner almost goes against its very nature. If I tried understanding and dissecting what I just watched I might just grow to hate it, and I really don't want to ruin the frankly unique emotion that I just felt.

As Charlie Kaufman himself put it in an interview: "The whole point of writing something is to have people experience this. Saying this means this or this means that is not only pointless, it also gets in the way of people having their individual interpretations of the movie".

And I think that is exactly what is needed to enjoy and get something out of Synecdoche, New York. If you don't allow yourself to really experience this, to give it a chance and force yourself to relate, contemplate and be a bit miserable and defeatist, this will just be a pretentious mess.

You can like the scenes that you want to have played out in your own life, hate the lines of dialogue or characters that remind you of things you despise about yourself. Just as long as you feel it all as a whole.

Saying all that, did I think everything here was necessary? No. Was this kind of a slog to get through? Yes. But I wouldn't change anything, because I know that somewhere, another person is connecting with the exact part that I had a grievance with.