Steve Jobs ★★★½

Even though I agree with many who state that this could be a play, I actually think there are some clever moments which utilise the medium effectively. Such as the brief flashbacks that Steve Jobs get in the middle of a conversation, those can only be done through film. 

But overall, everything rests on the great performances by the cast and the eternally witty, perfectly pompous dialogue from Aaron Sorkin. I can’t say that I was ever truly immersed or intrigued, but it just felt very satisfying in a way. It’s fun to see rich, smart people yell at each other and make snide comments about their success and failures. And in the heart of it there is a genuinely sweet story about a father and daughter connecting. 

So definitely nothing new or exciting, but also nothing to really scoff at or disregard. Just a well made story about an interesting life.

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