All About Eve ★★★★★

I can honestly say that I came in with fairly average expectations. Yes, this is of course an iconic, highly acclaimed film (with a terrific poster). But I also thought that it would be the typical Oscar-baity melodrama, after all, it's a film all about thespians and the "life consuming art of the theatre", which the Academy always loves. It's also completely reliant on dialogue, with the camera being fairly static the burden weighs heavily on the actors and the screenplay for the duration of 138 minutes.

I was so wrong, so very wrong.
Can you believe that the only thing I could possibly find to complain about is that it ended too soon? I would have gladly watched these people match wits, glare and stab each other in the back forever. Bette Davis is a hurricane, a paragon, utterly pitch-perfect and unyielding in her role. And Anne Baxter, George Sanders, even Marilyn Monroe gets to absolutely shine in her brief, but memorable part.

All About Eve is what happens when the perfect (and I mean perfect) script falls into the right hands at the right time and creates something seemingly simple but absolutely extraordinary at the same time. There's nothing difficult to understand here but there's oh so much to gain.

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