Alien ★★★★★

I read a negative review on here that called Alien “the most expensive slasher movie ever” and I can’t help but agree. Except I see it as an incredible compliment and proof of its beautiful genius.

Alien is certainly a horror film, it’s just a horror film that happens to take place in a sci-fi setting. And it’s a perfect horror film. The slow building of the first act creates an eerie, unpredictable atmosphere that remains through to the end. We receive snippets of this world and the characters who inhabit it, just enough to care. Everything also just looks stunning, the effects, the set design, the cinematography. Truly a space giallo.

Unforgettable, unsettling, unbelievable and unmatchable. A classic that doesn’t disappoint.

PS. Sorry I’ve been so absent, but I’m back now. With a vengeance! Or just regularly.

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