Favorite films

  • Letter from an Unknown Woman
  • Phantom Thread
  • A Ghost Story
  • The Royal Tenenbaums

Recent activity

  • A Haunting in Venice


  • Sometimes Always Never


  • To Catch a Killer


  • No Hard Feelings


Recent reviews

  • Jean-Pierre's Mouth

    Jean-Pierre's Mouth

    *impossible to give a balanced rating

  • Home Alone

    Home Alone


    Watched for the first time ‘cos ruthiexroo said she’d never speak to me again if I didn’t get it watched before Xmas😂

Popular reviews

  • Solace


    Girl at work told me this was the best film so far this year. Girl at work clearly has a drinking problem.

  • Everything Is Illuminated

    Everything Is Illuminated


    Despite being set in the long, looming shadow of the Holocaust, Everything is Illuminated is initially charming, warm and amusing. Jonathan (a subtle and restrained performance by Elijah Wood) is a lifelong collector of trinkets relating to his family history. We join him on his journey through the Ukraine to track down the woman who saved his Grandfather's life in WWII. Along the way we meet various eccentric and sometimes slightly cartoonish characters. Much of the humour in the film…