The Films That Influenced Martin Wilson's GREAT WHITE

GREAT WHITE is available In Theaters, On Demand and Digital. Also, it was released through RLJE Films in the U.S.

Growing up in the 80’s I loved the visceral in-camera filmmaking, in particular John Carpenter’s The Thing and Escape from New York. Other 80’s films such as Predator, Alien and Aliens, The Lost Boys and the original Fright Night are favorites of mine. The documentary You’re So Cool Brewster, based on the making of Fright Night, really illustrates the passion and skill of the visceral 80’s film making that drew me into filmmaking. Coming from Australia George Miller’s Mad Max, in particular the sequel The Road Warrior, are great example of inventive, dynamic low budget action, suspense film making that fascinates me and helped me form a plan of attack in how to approach Great White.

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Spielberg’s Duel was also a big influence in that he had only 12 days to shoot it. I loved the suspense and tension he brought to this film, and that he had Hitchcock always sitting on his shoulder. The making of Duel is very inspiring. As we only had 25 days to shoot Great White, an action film set on the water in the elements, I had to be mindful of coverage and use what I had in terms of the location and the inner conflicts of the characters to create tension. 

I’m huge fan of Hitchcock, The Birds, North By Northwest and Lifeboat, which influenced Great White with the main characters stranded on a life raft. I like to study Hitchcock as there is always a piece of film making gem that you can learn from in every film he made. 

With a career spanning nearly 25 years, Martin Wilson is an internationally awarded film
director based in Perth, Western Australia. His debut feature film Great White (due for release in 2021 through Universal Pictures - watch the trailer here), stars Katrina Bowden (30 Rock, Bold and the Beautiful ) and Aaron Jakubenko (Tidelands, The Shannara Chronicles). You can follow Marty on Instagram at @martinwilsondirector and his website,

Martin’s short film Wait ’Til Your Father Gets Home had a string of success
across prestigious international festivals including St Kilda, Telluride Independent Festival, New York Festivals, and gained entry into the Melbourne International Film Festival and Palm Springs. He also directed 2004 film Roll, which was funded and distributed by ShowTime, Screenwest and SBS Independent. While on the festival circuit in Boston to promote Wait 'Til Your Father Gets Home, Wilson changed his flight (Flight 175) when he felt a sudden and inexplicable urge to bring his flight to Los Angeles forward by one day, which then allowed him to avoid the September 11th terrorist attack on New York. Flight 175 was flown into the second tower. 

His extensive television commercial work includes the national Cowards Punch TVC campaign with world boxing champion Danny Green. This ground-breaking national campaign has won and been nominated for several awards. The campaign has garnered International acclaim rebranding terms like “King Hit" and “One Punch" attacks as the Coward's Punch. This term has now become part of the national vernacular and is recognized through Urban Dictionary.

Martin has written several screenplays and is a Bill Warnock Award nominee. He was commissioned by producer Melissa Kelly of Factor 30 Films to write the feature film Stoneking in 2017 as a part of their scripted slate development funded by Screenwest. His screenplay, Wolf Force One, was recently optioned by Ambience Entertainment (Storm Boy, Tomorrow, When The War Began, Killer Elite).

Martin is a passionate advocate for better societal awareness with issues regarding Mental Health. Recently, he has directed work for the non-profit organizations Helping Minds, Parkerville Children and Youth Care, and the Wirrapanda Foundation.