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Reese Eveneshen's Top 10 Horror Films

As his chamber-horror For the Sake of Vicious lands in select theaters and on VOD, Reese Eveneshen shares his top ten horror films—making no excuses for his populist leanings. “I don’t care. This what I grew up on!”

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Well those traps were gnarly! 


The Leprechaun's Game is a new movie brought to us by the UK-based company responsible for bringing us plenty of movies I've reviewed previously such as the Bad Nun films, but most recently-reviewed being a trio of Scarecrow-themed movies, of which the director of those returns for this one. Now it's pretty clear this killer Leprechaun-after-his-stolen-gold movie is pretty heavily inspired by the official and infamous Leprechaun movies, but seeing as how that franchise has yet again stopped in…




Not to victim blame but there’s no way I’d ever take psychiatric advice from David Cronenberg.

Glad you fuckers finally realized Samara Weaving is a Fucking MOVIE STAR.

I viewed this film via VOD.

I spent the entirety of For the Sake of Vicious trying to place Lora Burke (she's the titular character in the superb Poor Agnes, by the way). This is a brutal and, well, vicious gorefest with some gruesome, splattery, yet still hyper-realistic special effects.

It's also a lowkey Halloween movie, which is always fun.

"Nine, ten, never sleep again..."




I feel like I know this place.

One of the rare films that I wanted to rewatch as soon as my initial viewing was over. Marketed as a horror film, it's much more of a psychological thriller that concerns itself with being a great original film rather then simply something that would appeal to the masses. That is also the reason why this film has mostly lingered in obscurity while bad films that are considered the same genre got…




It’s March 17th so let the Lepre-thon begin.

Saw this tidbit... I don’t know the validity of it but here goes: ‘One scene required the Leprechaun to find and eat Lucky Charms cereal, which the company gave them permission to do. Upon seeing the finished film, the company was displeased and would not allow them to use the scene and the film makers had the choice to either cut the scene or to re-shoot it, costing them more money. They…