Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil

Man I love me a feel shit movie!

I love real ppl being trust into fucked up real scenarios - A Serbian film,Eden lake,Coming home in the dark to name a few & this belongs with them.

Its Dwnbeat awkward atmosphere is flowing
throughout  and the ending is quite brutal.
But these people deserve what they got I hate victim blaming but fucking hell how many signs of your families in trouble do you need ffs at one point they are out but go back for the child bunny rabbit doll?? 

I understand it’s trying to portray a cultural aspect of being polite & when is wanting to be too polite actually detrimental to your safety & i think that’s the point of the film that our main couple let the first few signs something was off slide so our antagonist knew he could keep pushing until it was to late for them even if they tryed.

We didn’t get much as to a Why but I’m fine with that..i don’t need answers to human beings being shitty ppl because we can be sometimes for absolute no reason.

Enjoyed it but would of loved it if it had just tightened up a few things..still solid.

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