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  • The Thing
  • The Beyond
  • Memories of Murder
  • Phenomena

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  • Bull

  • Unhuman

  • Revealer

  • Planet Terror


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  • Bull


    I have heard absolutely nobody talk about this movie which is such a shame!!

    Maskel in a lead role playing a hit man hell bent of revenge & murder..i think I’ve seen something like this before..emmm?!?!

    Don’t care if he’s this good at it give me 50 more!!

    Got strong vibes of Meadow’s Dead man’s shoes & Wheatley’s kill list which are both big favorites of mine so i was always going to like this working class English revenge flick!!

  • Unhuman


    Wasn’t one bit interested in this until i seen it had the same director as The Collector/The collection..defo aimed at a younger audience that both those films especially the first but it is enjoyable and worth your time..really like where it went even it was kind of a push in how it got there..
    And the editing was a bit of a headache in parts especially near the end..probably done so to cover up the effects of its low budget..
    Nonetheless enjoyable film to pass an hr or so!

Popular reviews

  • Fright Night

    Fright Night

    Absolutely love this film,and its been awhile since i seen it but it still holds up today,,cast is great,(love Peter Vincent) the effects are great, the story is great,everything just blends so well together.

    There’s just so much charm to 80s horror classic like this and ‘ghostbusters’ and even non-horror like ‘The goonies’ that just cant be replicated in modern films today,maybe it’s because of the nostalgia but whatever it is,they really are to me timeless pieces of art  👍

  • Wildling


    Right we know the premise we seen it all before,girl doesn’t eat meat,girl eats meat,girl hits puberty,girl turns into wild animal 🙄 its nothing new and Raw did it way better last year,heck Ginger snaps did it way better nearly 20 years ago.
    Its the directors first feature so I’ll give him some slack but i just think he took on way too much and didn’t now whether he wanted a teenage werewolf movie a coming of age one…