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  • The Thing
  • Dog Soldiers
  • A Tale of Two Sisters
  • Tremors

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  • Deep Crimson


  • Phantom of the Paradise


  • Hospital Massacre


Recent reviews

  • Ghost in a Teeny Bikini

    Ghost in a Teeny Bikini


    What do you get when you mix J. Sheridan Le Fanu's story Uncle Silas, and Rocky Horror Picture Show? You get this hilariously entertaining p*rno. OMG

  • Terror Firmer

    Terror Firmer


    You smell that? There's nothing quite like Troma in the morning!

    Here we have the classic tale of a small budget film crew and a serial killer on the loose. Everything goes bad. That's all you need to know, it's just nonstop bedlam, roll with it.

    If you are new to Troma films then there is absolutely nothing I can do to prepare you. It's a horror right of passage that must be done on your own.

Popular reviews

  • Come Play

    Come Play


    I really enjoyed the short horror film this movie is based on - and the movie leaves a lot to talk about (e.g., societal expectations, norms, etc). I also found "Larry" to actually be rather terrifying. Decent!

  • In the Spider's Web

    In the Spider's Web


    This film is not good. The first few minutes will make that clear right away. Here we have a collection of young world travelers hiking through a jungle. There's no back story, there is no lead up. We're just suddenly in the jungle with strangers with strange accents for no clear reason.

    Someone gets a spider bite and that leads the splintered group to either go to a legendary remote village or to the not legendary remote village. Both groups…