Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 ★★★

I like spider man 3 but most definitely have problems with it especially writing but I think it’s extremely entertaining & has some amazing things in it.
Lets start with things I love the score, fighting, effect, sandman, editing, cinematography, majority of the acting.
Yet again the score absolutely bangs especially the black suit theme & sandman’s theme.
As I said in my Spider-Man one review the fight scenes in these movies & amazing 1-2 are some of my favourite fight scenes in superhero movies they are perfect, effects & editing are also yet again outstanding, the cinematography in this is the best of the trilogy it looks so BREATHTAKING.
Thomas is the best actor in this & sandman may just be one of my favourite characters but on a villain ranking he’d come low mostly because he’s not really a villain he’s just got a shit life & awful luck his motive is completely understandable to the point you really feel for him & the way Thomas pulls that off is magnificent genuinely I’d say his character has amazing writing in this you can really tell Sam really wanted the story to be about HIM, my only problem with his writing is him killing uncle Ben felt like that was there only to give Peter more of a reason to go after him, my favourite thing about him tho is the EMOTIONAL WRITING Jesus Christ it hits so damn hard.
I like venom in this sure he’s rushed as fuck but I still quite like him & he’s for damn sure better then Tom Hardy yes  the writing of venom in this is rushed he’s never really fleshed out or used that much but that’s the studio’s fault for being twats.
I don’t love the writing of Harry losing and re gaining his memory it felt forced for the sake of putting him to the side & also felt like he got his memories back to quick & then they put him on side again until the end, Don’t love Harry’s green goblin/hob goblin costume also felt like his character barley got any attention this time round then again all villains in this feel underused that’s because it’s over stuffed even though I like venom in this it really shouldn’t have had venom in, I wish we got Sams Spider-Man 3 without studio forcing stuff.
I genuinely don’t understand some of the writing in this tho such as Peter kissing Gwen & the butler only now deciding to tell Harry about what he knew INSTEAD OF DOING ANYTHING BEFORE HE WENT CRAZY.
But Gwen kissing Peter really makes no sense like what a dick head, honestly when I was younger I hated MJ in this but she’s completely understandable & completely reasonable, also Bryce Dallas Church as Gwen was the worst casting I have she’s fine that’s it I have never been a fan of this version of Gwen her interpretation reminds me of a barbie doll in this.
I don’t hate emo Peter either but the writing is so cringe but good cringe because of the memes it bought along oh btw I love the music montage bit.
I genuinely wouldn’t have minded having Topher in this as Eddie without Venom & I think Topher is a better Eddie Brock then Tom hardy.
It’s a real shame we never saw this trilogy Doc Connors as Lizard because Dylan Baker was amazing.
Although I’d say this is a decent movie that unfortunately has Messy plot because of studio interference & obviously messy writing although I still think there’s some amazing writing in this like Peters motive to go black suit for good but its main problem throughout is it feels rushed even his motive to the black suit feels rushed & it takes an hour plus to get to that point, so much in this movie feels to fast & not enough time to space everything the fact it’s 140 minutes long & still feels messy is mental but just proves a long run time doesn’t mean you can space everything out brilliantly.
One last thing they better explain why sandman is bad in the new Spider-Man because his only motive for being bad here is for his daughter WHY WOULD HE NOT HELP SPIDER-MAN in the new one when spider man would help send him back?!? They better fucking explain it. 

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