Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★★

Fuck me that was the best since the original!
A nonstop, pulse pumping, spine thrilling, insane fucking ride that doesn’t let you have breathing time before the next gut wrenching scene happens it’s an incredibly fast adrenaline driven movie that still manages to have such perfect pacing.
The way it manages to have this endless amount of incredible tension was phenomenal I mean seriously it had me engaged from start to end & on edge about what was going to happen, it’s most definitely one of the darkest scream movies especially in terms of kills they really don’t let down.
Everything from writing, cinematography, acting, directing etc was just pure perfection that had me amazed.
I can see people disliking the motive of the killer or killers but I honestly loved it whilst it’s not the best most enjoyable aspect of the film it worked for me enough to satisfy me & actually works better for me than other motives in the franchise.
I deadass called who it was early on to two ppl I met and talked with at the cinema it was so obvious to me then again all killers since scream 2 have been obvious to me but that never stops me from enjoying it & it certainly didn’t stop me from absolutely loving this beautiful movie. 
I’ll most definitely be seeing this again already got my ticket booked for Saturday night will do a spoiler review next watch!!

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