M3GAN ★★★★

Been anticipating this ever since the trailer dropped I thought it looked like a campy fun time & man was I right. 
We finally have a new fresh original take on a killer doll that actually worked so damn brilliantly well, it’s been years since we had a new evil doll movie & let me tell ya this will be iconic in the future like Chucky is.
It’s got a fantastic sense of direction & story with some pretty creepy atmosphere while also being quite cheesy throughout at points.
The script is genuinely really impressively great, I thought the script was going to be one of the weakest parts of this movie but I was wrong it turned out to be one of its strongest points which made me that much more invested along with absolutely stunning cinematography & visuals! 
Man this was just an all out brilliant movie.
Terrific acting from all involved in this especially Alison Williams she’s one of my favourite actress so underrated, although it does feel weird to watch a horror movie with Alison Williams where she doesn’t play a psycho character.
As many have said you can tell it cut out a lot of gory scenes which while it still remains a great movie I do wish it was a bit more on the gory side.

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