Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★★

I love this movie so fucking much it’s got an absolutely incredible cast who all give off phenomenal performances & it’s got fantastic music I can’t think of one song in this I didn’t like or didn’t think fitted in to the scene.
The cinematography of this movie is honestly outstanding it’s looks so astonishingly beautiful, this by far has the best human drama I actually liked the majority of the characters a lot and felt the emotional of them all was superb especially John C. Reilly's character that ending for him always hits the feels & the look of Kong is so mesmerising that’s one thing I’ll give the monsterverse all of their monsters constantly look amazing or incredible. 
The writing in this movie is also by far the best writing in any monsterverse movie it handles the mix of comedy, seriousness & emotion fucking amazingly & I absolutely love the fact they did a completely different plot to kong in this it’s actually original & fun as hell. 
Oh btw the comedy in this is hilarious I’m always laughing at the comedian scenes anytime I put this movie on.
I need another monsterverse movie with Tom, Brie, Corey & Jing.

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