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This review may contain spoilers.

Not only is this the best Bond movie it’s of one of the most phenomenal action movies to have ever been created.
It’s stunning in every way imaginable right from the gritty Noir opening all the way to the depressing ending.
Daniel Craig is by far the best Bond for so many reasons, his acting skills are purely masterful, he’s badass & the love interest he has with Vesper is the best Bond love internet out of them all for the sheer fact it’s the most convincing & one of the only ones where I’m rooting for them to be together, man that ending is so depressingly dark it really gets me in the feels every time.
The cinematography, writing, story, action etc is all by far the best of any bond ever it really does leave me kinda speechless on how to describe it because of how unique & flawless it all is.
Martin really hit the nail on the heard perfectly with his directing my only problem is a few pacing issues here a there but there’s only like 2-3 at most other than that his directing is perfection.
Needless to say Mads is my favourite Bond villain. 

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