Halloween ★★★★★

Part of Schlocktober 2021

And so ends another Schlocktober. Lots of new films screened this year, which I’m proud to continue to thread within the screening schedule throughout the month. ‘Posession’ (1981), ‘The Wickerman’ (1973), and the newly remastered ‘Scream’ (1996) my personal favourite highlights.

To be honest though, I was kinda done with horror after 31 days straight. I love the genre but this is year two of a shitty pandemic, Melbourne has faced 262 days of lockdown, and I’m ready for a change of televisual scenery.

Back to ‘Halloween’ (1978) though… finally I feel we now have the best version of it with the Scream Factory 4K print. The colours feel just right again and after the sour taste of ‘Halloween Kills’ this year, it’s great to go back to the original and witness what an amazingly simple yet effective horror film it is.

I saw a recent John Carpenter video on YouTube with Bloody Disgusting talking about how he loved doing the score for ‘Kills’. You could tell he fucking loves just making the music to these movies right now and nothing else. He probably knows ‘Halloween Kills’ is mostly dog shit as a movie so he avoids talking about the movie in any real depth. He’s known for many years the original film was only supposed to be the one film. But hey, he’s getting older, he loves his music, and he knows the franchise is profitable, so he’ll sign up for his name only. And that’s cool.

At the end of the day, Carpenter’s classic will always be the definitive vision, no matter what sequel comes along. Nothing they do can will ever touch its iconic status. A different time, a cast and crew with raw talent, a score which now is synonymous with the holiday, a perfectly self contained story with no need for sequels, and of course masterfully directed. GOAT for life 🙌

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