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  • There's Always Tomorrow

    There's Always Tomorrow

    a wonderful note to end the day on after finishing zweig’s journey to the past (they could be the same story, really). there’s a soft sadness that permeates this whole thing, even the moments they’re both happy together; this feeling holds even the film’s weakest moments together. one of those true films about loneliness, the cruelty of time, and chasing shadows.

  • In a Glass Cage

    In a Glass Cage


    a truly harrowing experience. some of the best horror i’ve seen.

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  • Collateral


    you're one of those guys that do instead of talk

    so formally exciting. every light and color a perfect oneiric distillate of character and setting (here, almost the same thing). but i am, predictably, more attached to the implications of max and vincent's relationship, the necessity and outright impossibility of their coexistence. with max and vincent, l.a. is both alive and irredeemably elusive, respectively—the stuff of dreams and possibility, stasis and boundless apathy.

    their talks felt like arguments in my…

  • Spanglish



    really didn’t expect that Brooks, or any other white American director, for that matter, could accomplish something this nuanced, this human about immigrant identity (and I’m being slightly generous here, I know; Paz Vega is no Mexican, lol), love, and family. so much of this is built over apologies, words unsaid, things misunderstood, that those moments of understanding, genuine love and tenderness register as all the more transitory, destined to expire almost as soon as we’ve witnessed them. but it’s…