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  • I Care a Lot

    I Care a Lot

    I Care a Lot is exactly how misogynists and homophobes think feminism is, and it is misguided, disgusting, and dangerous.

    I Care a Lot is not a "girlboss" or "yaaas kween" moment. Feminism is NOT the weaponization of one's womanhood to do evil things or destroy people.

    One good thing from the film tho, is that it further cements how great Promising Young Woman and its supposedly divisive ending are.

    Amy Dunne takes guardianship of J Blakeson challenge.

  • The Sea Beast

    The Sea Beast

    When Maisie said "I have EVERY right," monarchies crumbled.

    The Sea Beast may not be original or unpredictable, heck, it takes pieces from familiar stories like How to Train Your Dragon, Moby-Dick, and even King Kong, but you sure can't accuse it of being antiquated or dumbed-down.

    It's obviously made for the youngins, but its anti-hunting, anti-war, and anti-imperialist messaging and diverse set of characters, most of which are powerful women of color, make it for a fun and educational watch for kids and adults alike.