The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★★★

"I believe in America."

Some thoughts:

- A universal story about crime and family that is as epic in scope as it is thematically rich.
- Every character, while all performed to perfection by the actors, feels unique and relatable.
- Absolutely groundbreaking on a technical level. While Coppola didn't necessarily invent certain formal techniques, he without a doubt used them more purposefully and cleverly than any filmmaker at that time.
- Quite possibly the greatest character arc of all time that is even greater when considering how Coppola used visual language to develop Michael.
- This still holds up as being an extremely visceral, intense, and emotional experience.
- Some of the greatest cinematography and use of a score of all time.

Worthy of all the hype. Coppola was playing a whole different game back in the 70s and I don't know if anyone will ever match the run he had. A practically perfect masterpiece that is somehow improved upon in PART II.

Rating: A billion dollars.

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