The Fanatic

The Fanatic ½

"I can't talk too long. I gotta poo."

Absolutely mesmerizing from start to finish. THE FANATIC contains some of the most ridiculous scenes the funniest performance of the year by John Travolta. It is a deeply flawed performance of a character that feels derogatory and extremely problematic since he clearly has mental issues that happens to be explored in the most insanely hilarious and over the top way possible. It's nothing to freak out over since there is no way anyone will ever take this movie seriously. I kind of loved watching everything go down to be honest. Fred Durst also throws in a little shoutout to his own Limp Biskit, which was absurd. It's one of the most embarrassing films I've ever seen, but also one that I will revisit if I ever need some good laughs. An unintentional but extremely compelling farce. John Travolta is Moose. LOL.

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