Once Upon a Time in America

Once Upon a Time in America ★★★★★

It's important to note I watched this over four nights with my dad. My schedule is too crazy right now that I'm rarely able to even watch a 90 minute movie in one sitting and my dad and I were starting to get impatient to finally see this. I say this because I want to rewatch this in full since it seems as though processing four hours straight of a life of sin and regret within Leone's lyrical and poetic canvas is probably way more staggering than how we experienced it. Anyways, this was.... much weirder than I was expecting and one could honestly argue it's a piece of surrealism. I was so surprised by what I was seeing early on and I genuinely thought Leone was doing some sort of sophisticated version of Enter the Void or something, replacing DMT with Opium. It didn't stay that way but at the same time it kind of did??? I don't know for sure but I kind of saw this entire film as a hallucination. I probably sound crazy but the very final scene seems to endorse this interpretation. This is going to need another watch or two I think. There's a good dozen sequences or more that are some all timer stuff but there's a few odd moments I'm conflicted on even though they're likely necessary through the memory of this character. Leone brooded over this story for over a decade so he surely agonized over every scene several times. Again, I don't know how many people found this as surreal as I did so I'd be curious for any lads out there to comment and let me know if I'm crazy or not.

This is my Snyder Cut.

EDIT: Bumped up to a 5/5 for now. Anytime a movie rests in my mind the way this has deserves the perfect score even if I'm not a fan of some moments.

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