Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★★★★

I think this is top 3 most entertaining films ever made. Temple of Doom takes what I personally love out of Raiders; the non-stop action and adventure, fascinating set pieces, charming character dynamics, violence, suspense, etc and turns it up to eleven. One thing Spielberg is amazing at is action. I know I repeat myself when I say we take Spielberg for granted, but even fans of his I don't think talk about how good he is at filming action enough. He maintains a sense of kinetic drive and intensity while capturing the scale and environment perfectly. You always know where you and each of the characters are in an action scene and each shot builds on one another, again, perfectly. Doing this seems so obvious, but the execution is clearly impressive and hard to pull off as most action films do not capture anything close to this. On top of that, I just fucking love the characters and their relationships. People be hating on Willie, but I'm sorry I just love her presence so much and the dynamic between her, Indy, and Short Round is by far the most fun and interesting in these movies. Speaking of Short Round, what a BOSS. His introduction is absolutely brilliant and portrays the sweet bond between him and Indy within seconds. When shit hits the fan later in the film, the moment of defeat when Short Round says "Indy, I love you" is genuinely moving. Might even be the most moving moment in these films, which is funny given how much more Temple is focused on action and tension than the others. Overall, every set piece and predicament is hilarious, terrifying, and exaggerated to insane degrees and the film is constantly pulling these strong reactions out of me. This would arguably be rated R if released today because every scene contains something really dark or gross. Spielberg really channeled a demented side of himself with this one and I absolutely adore it. Could throw this baby on multiple times weekly.

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