holl has written 44 reviews for films during 2021.

  • Special Correspondents

    Special Correspondents

    one star because kelly macdonald’s comedic timing is everything

  • Stella Does Tricks

    Stella Does Tricks


    never logged sdt until now but it’s going straight into my favourites? i’ve got some scary attachment to it now

  • The Decoy Bride

    The Decoy Bride


    an ultimate comfort movie, kelly macdonald and david tennant work so well together (katie nic aoidh is just the cutest!). kelly’s facial expressions always outsell, she’s amazing <3

  • This Is England '90

    This Is England '90


    so sad my little ‘tie journey has come to an end, but every finger is crossed for ‘00.

  • Giri/Haji



    so amazing and i love you sarah weitzmann x

  • This Is England '88

    This Is England '88


    the last episode broke me

  • Puzzle



    the simplicity of the plot made the film even more beautiful. kelly macdonald never fails to bring the most engaging performances to the table, and i’m in awe of her every single time. i’ve fallen completely in love with agnes mata and this beautiful story.

  • This Is England '86

    This Is England '86


    so extremely difficult to watch at times but it’s just an absolutely sublime drama. i love you woody x

  • This Is England

    This Is England


    idk why it’s took me so long to watch but it’s insane and everyone needs to watch it atleast once. what a cast. cannot wait to start the series now

  • Paddington



    forever my all time favourite

  • Happiest Season

    Happiest Season


    clea duvall you are brilliant

  • I Care a Lot

    I Care a Lot


    will never forgive them for this. marla and fran i love you so much babies