• Ornamental Hairpin

    Ornamental Hairpin


    shimizu's placid and quiet style creates such a lovely and relaxing atmosphere here. i loved the shared camaraderie and rapport between all the guests of the spa. but even with such a calming tone established, there's an underlying melancholy throughout the film. eventually, kinuyo tanaka and chishu ryu's fates are intertwined due to a seemingly unimportant object bringing them together. despite their budding relationship, there remained a mutually understood yet unspoken understanding of the transient nature of their relationship. one…

  • Sasaki and Miyano

    Sasaki and Miyano


    goated af. sasaki shuumei & miyano yoshikazu u deserve the world and more 🥹💗🫶

  • My Dress-Up Darling

    My Dress-Up Darling

    mid incel bait

  • IDOLiSH7 Tokubetsu Bangumi: Kimi to Furikaeranaito!

    IDOLiSH7 Tokubetsu Bangumi: Kimi to Furikaeranaito!


    the definitive male idol series.

    there's a lot that makes idolish7 distinct from others of its genre. instead of constantly shifting the narrative between units (a la ensemble stars, i☆chu, idolm@ster sidem), idolish7 is primarily about following the career trajectory of the titular unit. characters are given ample room to breathe and grow, and we're given the opportunity to watch their identities and relationships with each other develop. and idolish7 is unrelenting in its depiction of the dark sides and…

  • Spencer



    kristen stewart’s incarnation of diana feels like a breath of fresh air that provides new perspective into an already established figure. from the very beginning, there’s a quietly volatile and restless energy pulsating beneath her veneer, begging to jump out. she defies and mocks the authorities that try to micromanage her very being and she can only find solace in a select few who truly understand her. her biting line deliveries and sharp gestures produce as much tension and anxiety…

  • Tokyo Revengers

    Tokyo Revengers


    chifuyu matsuno you have my heart !! you're such a sweet amazing boy and u make my heart go doki doki 😳💗💖💖 please stay safe bub and don't forget to take care of yourself!

  • Torment



    chabrol has always been great at establishing tone and atmosphere. his most tense work often revolves around the idea that horror lurks even in the mundanity of everyday life. it's why the pastoral/countryside kind of setting of the movie works so well. it gives that sort of false sense of tranquility and harmony with the prominent lush greens and the two main character's hotel that's busy with life. the horror here isn't as extrinsic as say, le boucher, but it's…

  • Natsume's Book of Friends: Ephemeral Bond

    Natsume's Book of Friends: Ephemeral Bond


    “to the ephemeral ones.”

    returning to natsume yuujinchou always feels like seeing an old friend. the simple but gorgeous scenery, the languid and calming tone, the soundtrack that can still easily move me to tears, sweet and pure hearted natsume at our focal point of the whole story—it's all so familiar and just exudes comfort.

    the fleeting nature of relationships between youkai and humans has been a recurring theme within natsume yuujinchou. it's been explored in various ways, through different…

  • Ensemble Stars!

    Ensemble Stars!


    so proud of our riot wolf koga!!!! grrr believe in yourself just like i believe in you bub

  • Rosa la Rose, Public Girl

    Rosa la Rose, Public Girl


    in rosa la rose's opening titles, over images of still life and a poppy score, vecchiali proclaims his film as a dedication to danielle darrieux, max ophüls, jean renoir, and dora doll, and traces of their craft are definitely evident in vecchiali's work. the fluid ophüls-lite tracking shots ebbs and flows with life as individuals enter the frame as easily as they leave. vecchiali also shoots marianne basler with an utmost reverence that only an artist could manage for his…

  • Penny Serenade

    Penny Serenade


    the final film from irene dunne and cary grant's run together being a weepy melodrama might seem peculiar, considering how electric they were together in comedies and how revered the awful truth is, but i have to say, they deliver some of the greatest work of their careers here.

    penny serenade opens with irene dunne declaring her intentions to leave her husband, played by cary grant. the circumstances are unknown, but she seems resolute in her decision. in one instance,…

  • A Wicked Woman

    A Wicked Woman


    surprisingly quite a lot of inspired shots and editing choices here. some noteworthy ones that impressed me include the editing of the rickshaw scene in the film's first minutes with the anxiety-inducing rapidly alternating shots between the wheels and the driver; the foreshadowing with oden speaking to a few girls and trying to trick them into sex work with a shop's wooden bars in the foreground, forebodingly communicating the fate of these girls; and the tracking shot of oden's first…